A Local’s Guide to What to do in Barcelona at Night

Barcelona, a mind-blowing city with an architectural wonder on its center: Gaudi’s La Sagrada Familia. But what is there to do in Barcelona at night? A lot!

The cosmopolitan capital of Catalonia, Barcelona is a city of culture, art & enjoyment. Are you ready to have the best time of your life? 

Party, crazy people, incredible bars & insane disco…but that is not all there is to do in Barcelona at night.

Here is the local guide for those travelers on a budget and NetFlix lovers that prefer to discover the real insights of the city rather than the different types of Vodkas and Whiskeys (not that there’s anything wrong with that)

Barcelona at Night

things to do in barcelona at night

Barcelona during the day is stunning, the architecture all around the city gives itself a magestuosic print.

The alternative and artistic v...


22-Year-Old Naomi Osaka Is the Highest-Paid Female Athlete In History

us open tennis tournament 2019

Tim Clayton – CorbisGetty Images

Naomi Osaka is now the highest-paid female athlete in history, reports Forbes. Osaka, 22, earned $37.4 million in the past 12 months from prize money and endorsements, which is $1.4 million more than Serena Williams made.

With that number, Osaka has set an all-time record for what a female athlete has earned in a single year. Maria Sharapova previously held the record when she earned $29.7 million in 2015.

Forbes also reports that this is the first time since 2016 that two women have made the rank of the 100 highest-paid athletes. In September 2o18, Osaka beat Williams in an emotional U.S. Open women’s final: Williams received three code violations...


7 Bikini Styles That Will Be Everywhere This Summer

While one-piece swimsuits have experienced a renaissance as of late, nothing will usurp the iconic bikini. First popularized by the likes of Bridgette Bardot, Rita Hayworth, and Ava Gardner, this timeless French style has been around since the 1940s.

But the humble two-piece has come a long way since its inception. You can now buy a bikini in every color, cut, and pattern imaginable. Designers are also embracing mix-and-match pieces, making this once-revealing style more wearable than ever. Pair a triangle bikini top with high-waisted bottoms, cheeky string bottoms with a full-coverage top, or even mix and match patterns and fabrics. The sky’s the limit.

Read up on our favorite two-piece trends for 2020, and then shop the best bikinis for the upcoming beach season below.


Travel Tips For Rome Italy [Good To Know]

Travel Tips for Rome Italy
Post Last Modified – May 23, 2020

15 Practical Travel Tips For Rome Italy

Table of Contents

Writer at Desk

I always enjoy receiving a guest post from other seasoned travelers who can offer some helpful tips and advice for specific travel destinations.  Rome is one of the most visited cities in the world, with millions of travelers visiting throughout the year. My guest author offers some useful Travel Tips For Rome Italy, that may be helpful for your visit.

Our family had the pleasure of visiting Rome and other parts of Italy just a few ago while on our amazing NCL Western Mediterranean Cruise. The crowds and lines are horrendous, and  believe me, it’s best to do a little homework before arriving in the city.

Prepare and book your tickets to the main tourist attractions early, especially if yo...


Explore the White Desert in Egypt

The pandemic has left each and every one of us adventure-less, but that doesn’t mean we cannot explore, discover and learn more about the beauties this world has to offer. After all this is over, all you need to do is plan your next trip to make the dream of adventure a reality.

Egypt has a lot of the hidden treasures that only few people know about. Our target is to reveal them because they are worthy of being seen at least once in a lifetime. One of these treasures is the White Desert, known for its cream color, holding massive chalk rock formations created as a result of sandstorms taking place in the area.

This geographic attraction is located north of the town of Farafra, and also around 500 kilometers away from Cairo...


Celebrating 10 Years of Blogging!

Wow! I’ve been running this blog for 10 years. That makes this the longest job I’ve ever had! I certainly had no idea when sitting in a hostel in Australia, searching for what to call it, that it would take me on such an incredible journey.

Let’s rewind to that point, and see how I got to where I am today.

I quit my job in 2009 to set off on a year-long trip around Australia. I had literally no idea what direction my life would take after that. I knew I didn’t really like working in an office, playing corporate politics and working for someone else.

However, I also had no idea what the alternatives were, or what I really wanted to be doing...


Canadian Beauty Guru Victor Casale Helped Crayola Expand Its Skin Tone Range

Photograph courtesy of Crayola

The name Victor Casale is likely to ring a bell for just about every Canadian. In case it doesn’t, here’s a quick recap on why he’s a man to know: he was the chief chemist and managing director of R&D at MAC when the brand began, then he went on to co-create Cover FX and now he’s the CEO of MOB Beauty. In sum, he’s kind of a big deal in the beauty industry – and now, the Canadian chemist has leant his expertise to Crayola to help reimagine the art brand’s skin tone colour palette in a shade inclusive new 24-piece Colours of the World crayons collection.

The new collection of crayons is the most representative of a variety of skin tones in the brand’s history...


How Often Do You Really Need To Change Your Pajamas Or Sweats?

In general, it’s easier to get away with re-wearing clothes like pajamas and sweats more often when it’s colder out, but with hot weather arriving, the sweat is about to get turned up a notch. If you’ve been doing yoga, walking around your home, or doing anything else that might cause you to sweat frequently (and let’s be honest, summer weather is here), it’s also a good idea to change into a different set of clothing to stay comfy and clean.


Top 10 Natural Wonders In Europe

Top 10 Natural Wonders In Europe: a Guest Post by Frank Hamilton*

Europe is not only a unique story that preserves the heritage of the Masons and the secrets of the Middle Ages. This is not only unique architecture from prehistoric Stonehenge to the masterpieces of Gaudi. These are not only some of the most powerful political players on the world stage. It is also unique natural attractions that attract tourists from all over the world every year.

A pandemic is not a reason to cancel your plans. But this is an occasion to stay away from the narrow streets filled with tourists and to shift your attention towards the natural wonders of Europe, the list of which we have prepared for you.

Plitvice Lakes, Croatia

Plitvice Lakes in Croatia deserve to take first place in the world tops of the co...


Steve Jobs Wore a Cheap Watch: These Are the Affordable Watches Celebrities Love

There is no better figure to start a story about affordable watches with than Steve Jobs and his watch, both of which followed the Think Different approach. Because in the world of the celebrity watch—where a Rolex Submariner worth thousands and thousands of dollars can seem austere—there is no better counterprogramming than a super-affordable timepiece. Billionaire CEOs like Jobs are actually no stranger to practical cheap watches. And the rest of the figures on this list all come at affordable pieces for seemingly different reasons. Tyler, the Creator squeezes joy out of confounding people, John Mayer is an equal opportunity collector, and Barack Obama’s watch might convince the public he is a guy anyone could grab a beer, and then maybe go shopping, with...