3 New Trends From the Copenhagen Brand Everyone Wants to Wear

Cecilie Bahnsen‘s signature cloudlike dresses have made her the darling of Copenhagen Fashion Week, an increasingly important part of the fashion calendar, so I was more than a little excited to see her creations up close and personal. As flurries of snow began to fall outside, Bahnsen presented her F/W 19 collection to the tune of hauntingly beautiful music by Danish electronic composer Trentemøller, which perfectly matched the brooding yet charming clothes coming down the runway.  

“We do not aim to reinvent ourselves each season,” Bahnsen told Who What Wear during Copenhagen Fashion Week. “Each season we refine and evolve the silhouettes, details, and fabric to fit perfectly with the season’s mood.” For F/W 19, that mood is a bit edgier than before. “This season is darker, moodier compared to previous seasons,” Bahnsen told me. “I have been inspired by repetition and the way assembling materials together can create a raw and detailed unit yet look like something that is coming undone, unraveling.” 

A key silhouette, Bahnsen told me, was a vest layered over a sheer dress—a look she believes will be a favorite of her audience. “The vest is smocked, which gives the floral motif an almost distorted look compared to the more clean and clear underlay dress,” Bahnsen told me. Along with sinister black numbers, Bahnsen also added in some dreamy whites and florals—the latter of which was inspired by “decaying wallpaper.” But every floaty outfit was grounded with black socks and black sneakers—a cool juxtaposition to take note of. Voluminous quilted dresses are yet another trend I spotted from Bahsen’s show—don’t be surprised if they pop up on the street style scene in no time. 

All in all, Bahnsen has a singular vision for her brand, and the newest collection was no exception. “I want to design dresses that can make you feel feminine, effortless, and empowered, and I think this is what resonates well with both the women of Copenhagen as well as the rest of the world,” Bahnsen told me. Who can argue with that? Scroll down to see my three favorite trends from her show and shop the brand. 


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