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Travel Tips For Rome Italy [Good To Know]

Travel Tips for Rome Italy
Post Last Modified – May 23, 2020

15 Practical Travel Tips For Rome Italy

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I always enjoy receiving a guest post from other seasoned travelers who can offer some helpful tips and advice for specific travel destinations.  Rome is one of the most visited cities in the world, with millions of travelers visiting throughout the year. My guest author offers some useful Travel Tips For Rome Italy, that may be helpful for your visit.

Our family had the pleasure of visiting Rome and other parts of Italy just a few ago while on our amazing NCL Western Mediterranean Cruise. The crowds and lines are horrendous, and  believe me, it’s best to do a little homework before arriving in the city.

Prepare and book your tickets to the main tourist attractions early, especially if yo...


Celebrating 10 Years of Blogging!

Wow! I’ve been running this blog for 10 years. That makes this the longest job I’ve ever had! I certainly had no idea when sitting in a hostel in Australia, searching for what to call it, that it would take me on such an incredible journey.

Let’s rewind to that point, and see how I got to where I am today.

I quit my job in 2009 to set off on a year-long trip around Australia. I had literally no idea what direction my life would take after that. I knew I didn’t really like working in an office, playing corporate politics and working for someone else.

However, I also had no idea what the alternatives were, or what I really wanted to be doing...


Top 10 Natural Wonders In Europe

Top 10 Natural Wonders In Europe: a Guest Post by Frank Hamilton*

Europe is not only a unique story that preserves the heritage of the Masons and the secrets of the Middle Ages. This is not only unique architecture from prehistoric Stonehenge to the masterpieces of Gaudi. These are not only some of the most powerful political players on the world stage. It is also unique natural attractions that attract tourists from all over the world every year.

A pandemic is not a reason to cancel your plans. But this is an occasion to stay away from the narrow streets filled with tourists and to shift your attention towards the natural wonders of Europe, the list of which we have prepared for you.

Plitvice Lakes, Croatia

Plitvice Lakes in Croatia deserve to take first place in the world tops of the co...


Central America- a #TopSoloTravelDestination

Central America-a #TopSoloTravelDestination: As I plan my next trip once travel resumes, I have found Central America to be one of the easiest and best priced solo vacations for North Americans.

The reasons?

1. The seven countries of Central America are relatively “close” and therefore both have airfares typically much less than Europe and require less travel time.

2. You have both a mix of languages (6 Spanish-speaking countries plus one English-speaking country, Belize) as well as varied histories blending African, Caribbean and European cultures.

3. Each has miles of beaches,  including those that offer a choice of Caribbean or Pacific coasts.

4. Costa Rica is perfect for an ecotour with some of the greatest eco-diversity in the world.



Photo Series: My Favorite Moments Driving Route 66

Life is comprised of brief moments of outstanding audacity, interrupted by months or even years of routine and the predictable. It’s for these flashes that we live for, it’s for these instances that in many times define our lives and for me one such occasion happened two years ago as I fulfilled a lifelong mission to explore more of my remarkably confusing but beautiful country by driving Route 66. I’ll write something a little more profound soon, but today I want to reflect on that incredible drive through just some of the many thousands of photos I captured during those two weeks.

Once again, a VERY special thanks to Marriott International for sponsoring this great adventure...


Your weekly Adventure Agenda: Explore Japan from home

Fake it ‘til you make it there.

The 2020 Olympics may have been postponed, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still run rings around Japan – virtually at least. Go full stream ahead with 360° tours, a live feed of Nagano’s famous snow monkeys, and your own Japanese ‘on-nomi drinking party.

No passport required, just passion. (And Wi-Fi). #PauseTheAdventure

Do a full 360

From the late-night dance floors of Tokyo to the early-morning Buddhist prayers of Kyoto, take a 360° virtual tour around Japan with this 3-minute VR movie. If you don’t have VR glasses, no worries, just swap for a wine glass.

See snow monkeys

Watch wild snow monkeys (that’s just their band name, they’re actually Japanese macaques) via an online cam as they soak in Nagano’s famous hot springs...


Exciting Family Vacations To Europe – Ideas

Family Vacations To Europe Ideas

Post Last Modified – May 20, 2020

A Few Ideas For Planning Family Vacations To Europe

Table of Contents

Europe receives thousands of families annually who travel from different parts of the world to come and explore the beauty and culture, while enjoying memorable Family Vacations To Europe!

Below are 4 very popular tourist destinations and major cities in Europe. They offer a variety of wonderful things to see and do for the entire family. A little inspiration for planning your Family Vacations To Europe.

A Few Of The Most Popular Family Vacations To Europe

London England Vacations

London England Vacations


London is a very enormous city which is divided into 32 boroughs. This city is very noisy, multicultural and very vibrant...


No, Not Just a Dog – Saying a Final Goodbye

This is the third time I’ve written a post with a very similar title and it will be the last. Two years ago I penned the post after losing the first of my three rescued pups, Cody who passed away at the age of 14. Last year I wrote the second part after losing Moya, age 16. And today I share this final update after saying goodbye to my sweet baby Preston over the weekend, also age 16.

As the owner of three dogs, intellectually I knew this day would come but the emotional side is much harder than I ever imagined. It’s too easy though to lapse into anger and depression, to be angry at a world that would take away one of my last pure joys from me – so I won’t...


Monitor Calibration: How to Calibrate A Monitor for Accurate Colors

Monitor calibration is an important task for photographers. A properly calibrated monitor will accurately show you the colors in your images, so when you share or print them, you have done everything you can to ensure the final photo is seen as you intended.

However it is a task that many people don’t do, or start and then give up on. This is for a number of reasons.

First, and perhaps the major reason, is that color calibration and color management is a complex topic with a lot of terminology. As a result, it can be very easy to get lost in the details when trying to configure your own monitor, and to end up with bad results. Trust me, I have been down this road.

Next, there is a huge variability in the quality of displays available on the market, and the technology that powers these di...


How to Recreate Your Favorite Vacation at Home

A Guest Post by Traci Magnus

Sometimes, the travel bug hits hard, but we’re not always able to jet off to a new beautiful destination the moment that desire sets in, which is why we like to turn our home into a vacation destination. Although we love having new experiences in gorgeous settings, a vacation is really all about who you’re with. So, if you find yourself needing an escape, get your significant other, roommate or best friend on board to have a stay-home vacay with one of these fun activities. You can also use this time to research places you might want to go and start planning a visit to Charleston, S.C., for a down South escape or a trip to the West Coast for a taste of California living...