Cindy Crawford’s Son Presley Gerber Got an Unmissable, Statement Face Tattoo

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Presley Gerber, the 20-year-old son of Rande Gerber and Cindy Crawford, got a new addition to his already large collection of tattoos. On Friday, Jonathan “JonBoy” Valena, tattoo artist to the celebrities, gave Gerber a face tattoo that reads “misunderstood.”

JonBoy posted a photo with Gerber on his Instagram, clearly referencing his tattoo subject’s famous mom in the caption. “Sorry mom,” JonBoy wrote.

Here’s a better shot of the ink, which is on Gerber’s right cheek:

“Yessir,” Gerber wrote in the comments under this image.

On his own account, Gerber posted a video of himself getting inked. He has his eyes closed as JonBoy works away at the message on Gerber’s face.

“Thanks homie ?,” he wrote.

Some followers posted their disapproval of the face ink, but Gerber seemed quick to defend his choice.

“How sad that you hate yourself so much that you do this to yourself. . .Get help,” one person wrote.

“how would this make anybody that even needs help feel any better. So let’s say I did. You think that’s going to make me feel better,” Presley replied. “Go get a life.”

Gerber and his younger sister, Kaia (18), are both models, clearly following in their supermodel mom’s footsteps. At the end of 2019, Gerber worked with Superdry on their holiday campaign and shared the shot of him wearing a beanie, button-up hat, and leather jacket (an outfit of which this writer is truly envious).

During the holidays, Gerber, Kaia, and their mom played elves at the NYU Langone Health in New York and handed out gifts to sick children.

“Proud of my elves,” she captioned the photo of her kids, who wore similar outfits. “Nothing captures the spirit of Christmas better than giving.”

She also shared a photo of her kids when they were young on Christmas 2001. In the photo, a toddler Gerber is wearing a shirt that says “I ?? NY,” while his father, Rande, holds Kaia.

That little kid sure grew up to love tattoos.

Hilary Weaver is a freelance writer based in New York who writes about politics, queer issues, Meryl Streep, Glenn Close, and every woman the Queen has ever made a dame.

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