How to Plan for Africa travel and Best Time for African Safari

Africa is an exotic travel destination. The task of an Africa travel can be little daunting and exhausting without proper planning and organization. A few tips about the best time to visit Africa and take an African Safari can help you enjoy the African trip to the fullest.

Best Time for Africa Travel and African Safari

If you wish to visit Africa for the safari, then plan a visit in the best season to see the wild animals in big numbers. You can opt for east and southern African national parks for the safari. Southern Africa safari is more popular because of better facilities and infrastructure. Ideally, best season for the eastern African safari is during August and September.

For a safari in Southern Africa, you can visit the Kruger National preserve or park. Best time to visit Kruger Park is between the months of June and September. This is a pleasant and dry season. There is a difference of seasons in east and south of Africa. Hence, it is a good time for a safari throughout the year.

Preparing for Africa Travel

Carefully pack your passport and visa and always keep a local guidebook handy. Be prepared for the difference in time zones. Carry light colored and organic or cotton clothing for Africa holiday to keep cool in the heat in Africa. Avoid dark or bright color clothes and stilettos especially during the safari. Pale, beige or pastel colors will not attract the animals and keep you safe. Do not forget to carry a mosquito net or repellant and shoes or boots for African Safari.

Safari in Africa is surely very exciting but also a little risky. Follow all safety precautions to have an enjoyable wildlife safari in Africa. Do not venture alone at night and avoid trespassing. Heed the advice of the tour guide to enjoy your African travel and safari.

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