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5 Tips on How to Pack Light for Winter Solo Travel

How to Pack Light for Winter Solo Travel: After 68 countries and all 50 US states, every trip I still have some new lessons learned. Last month I made my 6th trip to one of my favorite top solo travel destinations, Quebec City. It is a great example of the issue of how to pack light to save fees for checked luggage and look chic still. Here are my 5 tips how to travel light in winter for savings and style.  For more information, see our short video on YouTube.

 How to Pack Light for Winter Solo Travel:

Tip One:

Take one to wear and one as a spare!

This raises a sensitive issue. How can you be parted from your favorite Bruno Maglis? Do leave them happily nestled in your closet at home.  For cold climes, there are two key things to think about.

-First and foremost: How to have a great trip w...


The Best Time to Go on Safari in Africa by Month

Best Time to Go on Safari in Africa

Since moving to South Africa, going on safari has become one of my favorite things to do. From South Africa to Kenya and beyond, the continent has such raw, natural beauty. And Africa has way more diversity than you might think!

Far from a one size fits all experience, you can choose the best safari experience in Africa for you and your travel style.

I’ve been lucky enough to explore the African bush a few times and experience some of the best safari destinations in Africa. I absolutely adore interacting nature this way and seeing animals in their natural habitats.

Of course, if you’re a shutterbug like yours truly, an African safari is a must. You’ll be traveling through some of the most beautiful landscapes on earth. African safari photography will take your snaps to the next lev...


Solo Travel Pricing Tracker-First Solo Adventure Travel 5 Tips

Solo Travel Pricing Tracker-First Solo Adventure Travel 5 Tips

Adventure travel has been an active part of the growing solo travel trend. Baby Boomers and Millennials are all heading out to join this crowd.  My first solo adventure was as a college student. Like most students, I had a low to no travel budget, no car and not a real detailed idea of my itinerary. Undaunted, I boarded a bus with an open ticket from Washington to Los Angeles. For 5 weeks, my small overnight bag and I saw the US from the Art Institute of Chicago to a Midwest dairy farm and even the Salt Lake and on to California.

Having now seen all 50 states and 68 countries, I have these 5 tips for your first solo adventure.

Solo Travel Pricing Tracker-First Solo Adventure Travel 5 Tips: Before Leaving Home:

Tip One:  Plan t...


20 Photos to Inspire Your Next Outdoor Adventure

Whether it’s just a day trip through the outdoors or you’re hiking through the backcountry of Yosemite or another national park, getting outdoors is one of the best forms of self-care.

Did you know that being outdoors and immersed in nature helps lower stress and anxiety?

And the best part is that the options are endless—from snorkeling to scuba diving to hiking through the wilderness, there are so many options to dig into…it all depends on your preference.

Maybe you want to explore the deserts of Morocco, go on a road trip and see everything a place has to offer, explore the Great Barrier Reef or Outback in Australia, or go glacier hiking and ice climbing.

What kind of adventure do you want to have?

To top it off, being outdoors is one of the best ways to learn about local flora ...


Solo Travel-14 Alternatives to Home Alone for the Holidays

Solo Travel-14 Alternatives to Home Alone for the Holidays.Still looking at your empty calendar for the holidays and wondering what to do? We have 14 really different options led by those I have done on past holidays.

Here some of our tips on how to go alone for the holidays without “going it alone”. (For more on this topic, please go to this week’s Blog at

Solo Travel-14 Alternatives to Home Alone for the Holidays: Create your own group:

1. Join a volunteer group at home or abroad.

Following the hurricanes in the US and Caribbean, there are both national and international charities organizing volunteer efforts. Think Habitat for Humanity or the Red Cross.

On a local level, I have found soup kitchens generally need people over the holidays...


35 Smart Adventure Solo Travel Tips

New Tips How to Make Solo Adventure Travel Easier Now: Adventure travel is my passion. However, there have been some challenges. I just missed being a snack for crocodiles. I have gone through low grade wars abroad. I have survived two emergency landings on commercial jets. I have someup-to-date tips on how to make adventure travel easier.

Be sure to see the tips in bold below.

New Tips How to Make Solo Adventure Travel Easier Now: Before you leave home:

Tip 1 Getting There:

The length of your trip may mean 2 days of flights. I think it is good to break it up. When I flew to Beijing and Bangkok, I spent the night at a 4 star hotel in the latter. I then flew on to Siem Reap, Cambodia, to catch a boat to Vietnam. The stop was well worth it to sleep and catch up with the time zones.

Tip 2 Co...


Solo Travel Destinations Trebic Czech Republic

Solo Travel Destinations Trebic Czech Republic-Trebic is located south of Prague in Moravia.  It is a popular tourist area with UNESCO World Heritage sites and many historic monuments. It is ideal as a singles vacation spot.

Solo Travel Destinations Trebic Czech Republic:


Trebic dates back to the 1100’s.  A Benedictine monastery was at the heart of the region so that the town grew around it. The monastery was rebuilt twice in the 13th and 15th centuries. In the next century the picturesque castle was formed from many of those original buildings. They were updated later to the baroque style.

For more details, see the official Czech Tourism website.

Trebic Czech Republic Things to See and Do:

St. Procopius’ Basilica

T?ebí? Jewish Quarter



Trebic Czech Republic P...


5 forgotten safari activities in Tanzania

Safaris are one of the most popular holidays to go on. With the world becoming ever more connected, visiting these wild and untamed places is certainly still gaining popularity, especially with the rise of social media. Selfies from tourist hot-spots are the latest trend and there is a common misconception about safaris that I aim to tackle in this article. When people think of safari, I would assume 90% would instantly think about driving around in a Land Rover and viewing animals from the back of said vehicle, however this is just the tip of the ice-berg. When you enter a safari destination, you are surrounded by wildlife, you are immersed in a world of different possibilities and the more you experience, the better your understanding and enjoyment will be.

Boating safaris

Land Rovers a...


Perfect Adventure for Solo Cyclists-Amsterdam and Beyond

Perfect Adventure for Solo Cyclists- Amsterdam And Beyond: a Guest Post by Jane Roberts

Amsterdam boasts 400km of cycle paths, and it’s estimated that half of all journeys in the city are taken by bike. The majority of locals use bikes on a regular basis, and there are numerous hiring options within a short distance of Central Station. This makes Amsterdam the perfect center point for a cycling vacation, and calls to the solo traveler, who can hire a cycle for the day and decide which destination takes their fancy without having to worry about anyone else’s plans.

Perfect Adventure for Solo Cyclists:

Explore The City Like A Local

From increased stamina to improved heart function to muscle strength, cycling has a wealth of health advantages, and became an integral part of Amsterdam’s i...


Top 5 luxury experiences in Africa

Often Africa is left aside when looking for a luxury escape from everyday life. But the dark continent has a lot to offer, and not only for budget travelers but also for the ones that aren’t shy to spend some cash in return for the most exclusive travel experiences out there. Here are a few of my favorite experiences.

Rovos Rail, Southern Africa

Being the African equivalent of the Orient Express, this luxurious train offers several itineraries, going from a 3 day trip within South Africa, all the way to a 15 day journey connecting Dar es Salaam and Cape Town...