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Japan Airlines Business Class Flight [Review]

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Japan Airlines Business Class Flight [Review]

Post Last Modified – April 17, 2020

Japan Airlines Business Class Review – Vancouver to Tokyo 767

On our recent vacation, we had the pleasure of flying with and in Japan Airlines Business Class. This certainly was a special treat for us, enjoying this luxurious type of air travel.

As a retired blue collar employee, being able to afford such travel is out of the question. But having used frequent flyer credit cards for years, it made this journey possible. Below is our Japan Airlines Business Class Review and experience.

Air travel in style and luxury with JAL.

Japan Airlines (JAL) Vancouver to Tokyo – Business Class 767-300

JAL 767 - 300

The first leg of our journey had us departing from Vancouver, BC Canada (YVR) to Tokyo, Japan (NRT)...


Biggest Travel Mistakes & How To Avoid Them

Biggest Travel Mistakes

6 Most Common Travel Mistakes To Avoid

International Travel Mistakes To Avoid # 1

Failing To Check The Expiry Date On Your Passport

travel documents

Yes, this is one of the most common mistakes people make when getting ready to go on vacation. They forget to check the expiry date on their passports, or on any other necessary documents such as a travel tourist visa. In most cases, your passport must be valid for at least 6 months beyond the period of your extended stay in the country you are visiting.

Unfortunately, this has happened to friends of ours in the past. They were all set to head out for a 2 week tropical vacation, only to discover when they arrived at the airport to check in, their passports had expired 3 months previously. What a horrible way to ruin a long awaited vacation!

* Check the expir...


Matt’s Flights Review – Finding You Discount Flights

Matt’s Flights Review

A Closer Look At Matt’s Flights Discount Air Travel Service

Let’s face it, we’re all looking for those hot deals for flights, vacation packages and more. If there’s someone out there that can help find and save you money for travel, I’m always hot on their trail!

Recently, I was invited by Matt, a seasoned world traveler and now entrepreneur, to check out his new subscription based Air Travel business appropriately named – Matt’s Flights.

An Absolutely Free email subscription service with option to upgrade to a Premium service anytime.

Matt’s Flights – Emailing You Hot Deals On Air Travel Anywhere

laptop on desk

I’ve been following a similar Vancouver based email air travel deal website for a number of years now...


How To Prevent Illness While On Vacation

How To Prevent Illness While On Vacation

5 Specific Ways To Prevent Illness While On Vacation

Vacations are great things for everyone. It’s good for you to get away with your loved ones (or even get away by yourself). If you are going to travel and if especially by air, considering 20 percent of plane passengers reported respiratory symptoms within a week of flying in one study, it’s especially important to take certain precautions to stay healthy. Below, are five specific ways to cut down your chances of getting sick and/ or prevent illness while on vacation.

How To Reduce Your Chances Of Getting Sick – Micrographic

Jumbo Jet

We all need a break from our daily routine, even if your vacation means just staying at home and get caught up on whatever things take priority for you...


Collection Of Best Travel Tips Edition 8

GR8 Travel Tips

My Collection of Best Travel Tips Edition 8

Almost daily, I read, hear and view on the internet, television and radio, some excellent travel tips and advice from some of the leading travel professionals in the industry.  I think for most of us who love to travel, are always on the lookout for any helpful tips and suggestions others can offer to help save money, time, and stress associated with the joys of travel.

I thought it was time to share some of the more helpful tips I’ve learned from years of travel and recommendations from others to pass on to you, to help make your travel experience just a little easier!

This is my eighth edition, be sure to check out my previous editions as well!

Some Great Travel Tips from Seasoned Travelers

? Best Travel Tips Edition 8 – Collection 1 …...


Hotel Room Safety Tips

Hotel Room Safety Tips

Keeping You And Your Valuables Safe

It’s that time of year again, especially in North America, where many of us are thinking of escaping the cold winter by taking a warm weather vacation. Unfortunately, crooks work year round and do prey on hotel and resorts around the world.

Here are a few Hotel Room Safety Tips to think about, to help keep you and your valuables safe at all times. ?

Check Your Room Carefully

Hotel Room Safety

When checking into your room, take a good look around. Ask yourself;

?   Is the door secure and does it have good security locks?

?   If there is a patio door, does it lock securely? This is especially important if your room is on the ground floor.

?   Is there an in room safe, and is it securely fastened? Does it have a programmable security code you can enter?

?   If t...


Life As A Travel Consultant

Life As A Travel Consultant

Life As A Travel Consultant And Blogger

Having a love for travel since I was very young, I was always interested in working in the travel sector in one way or another, and always wondered what Life As A Travel Consultant must be like. One of my first real jobs after school was having the opportunity to be a long distance Charter Bus Driver. What a great job that was at the time, driving people on vacation around North America to many popular vacation destinations.

Even though my career ended up in a completely different field, I still managed to put myself through a prestigious travel college, becoming a licensed travel agent. I had hoped to work as a consultant either part time or once retired...