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Where To Stay In Amsterdam – The Best Areas & Neighbourhoods

Getting There

Amsterdam Central Station is the city’s main public transportation hub.

Virtually all GVB trams and buses start their route in front of the station, which faces the historic center.

Most also stop at Dam Square in the center of town.

2. The Jordaan

where to stay in amsterdam neighborhoods Jordaan

Once renowned for radical politics and rowdy sing-a-longs, the Jordaan has evolved over decades of gentrification from a working-class area into an upscale neighborhood for arty professionals.

With its cobbled streets, gabled homes and tree-lined canals, the picturesque district is a living picture postcard with an eclectic mix of art galleries, sidewalk bistros, and trendy boutiques.

Beginning at Brouwersgracht just west of Central Station, the Jordaan arches around the western Canal Ring between Prinsengracht and Lijnba...


An essential 7 point roadmap to the re-discovery of Rome and Lazio

I live in Italy, in Rome. My family lives in the north. With the outbreak of the coronavirus, we find ourselves in the eye of the storm. It’s all incredibly calm. Streets are empty. Churches are empty. The cafes and piazzas are empty. There are only people lined up outside the supermarkets. Ten people at a time are allowed, so you have to form a queue. Not something Italians are used to.

Cities are empty. Hospitals, however, are full. The data from the past two days looks slightly encouraging. But the Coronavirus has taken so far more than 5,000 lives. Some etymologists say “OK” comes from the message “0 killed” or “0 K” used during the American civil war. We long for the day when we can write OK on the board. Meanwhile, we sing the national anthem from the balcony.

Also, we...


Dreaming of the Swiss Alps: 5 very high peaks In Zermatt

As things stand at the moment the travel industry has pretty much ground to a halt. Trying times, indeed. However the only constant thing is change and there will come a day when things return to normal, whatever normal is! In the meantime I guess we can all dream of that day when we can slate our thirst for wanderlust once again. Here’s something you might like to consider when that day arrives. Zermatt is almost completely surrounded by the high mountains of the Pennine Alps and it may surprise you to read that there are in total 38 peaks all of which are over 4,000m in the region.

This includes the Matterhorn, Monte Rosa and its tallest peak, the Dufourspitze, which happens to be Switzerland’s highest peak at 4,634 metres...


Guide to Visiting the Sagrada Familia 2020: Tickets, Tips and More!

If you’re visiting Barcelona, there’s a good chance you are planning on visiting the Basilica de la Sagrada Familia, commonly referred to as just the Sagrada Familia.

This magnificent building is a must-see in our opinion, and is high on the to-do list of most visitors to the city.

Because it’s so popular, you do need to do a bit of planning prior to your visit. At busier times of year, tickets can sell out. There’s also a lot to see and do here, as well as some choices you have to make before you buy your Sagrada Familia ticket.

We would also like to preface this guide with a note that currently the Sagrada Familia is an active construction site. This means different areas of the building may close, timings may change and access may vary...


The ‘Other’ Venice: An Ultimate Guide to Treviso, Italy

The ‘Other’ Venice: An Ultimate Guide to Treviso, Italy • The Blonde Abroad

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How to Spend a Layover in Lisbon, Portugal

How to Spend a Layover in Lisbon, Portugal

I recently explored Lisbon as part of a 10-hour layover with TAP Air Portugal. There were lots of stopover options available for my flight route, but I chose Lisbon because of how vibrant and lively it is. It didn’t disappoint!

Lisbon is the colorful coastal capital city of Portugal. It’s defined by its cobbled streets and beautifully painted buildings, all snugged amid seven imposing hills.

If you’re into postcard-worthy scenery, gritty Gothic architecture, and old-world charm, you’ll find plenty of reasons to visit the Portuguese capital. Here’s how to spend a layover in Lisbon, one of Europe’s most beautiful cities.

The Top Things to do in Lisbon, Portugal on a Layover

how to spend a layover in Lisbon Portugal

Getting around Lisbon

Lisbon’s airport is just north of th...


Porto travel guide: what to see and do

Hey friends! Alexx here again from Finding Alexx and I’m back with a Porto travel guide.

I did a whirlwind extended weekend Portugal road trip last year from the stunning southern coast all the way up to Porto, so when week #14 of my 52 countries in 52 weeks solo trip took me back to Porto, I was excited to have a full seven days to do a deep dive into the city!

Porto has a distinct vibe that sets it apart from the ultra chill Algarve coast and the big city of Lisbon. The city centre is packed full of beautiful tiled buildings and winding alleyways, there are a number of hipster hot spots dotted around town that boast Instagrammable cafés alongside authentic local eateries...


7 days to fall in love with Auvergne – secret France for soul searchers

Who has not visited and loved at least part of the home-country of Victor Hugo?
You may have travelled Paris or driven through the blue lavender fields of Provence… maybe got excited opening the doors of the Loire Chateaux while (re)discovering the historic time of the great Kings. You may also have descended the slopes of an alpine resort or opened eyes of a child by browsing through the Christmas markets in Alsace. In the end, France has no more secrets for you as an old tourist country.

Listen! There is another France, authentic, volcanic, secret… like a new world. Another France where slowsophy is a lifestyle for contemplation, reading, starlit skies, mountain hiking, wilderness wellness, volcano and bird watching, cheese and good fresh food, wine… as well as secrets of life!



8 Secret Spots You Have To Visit In Rome

 Rome is an absolute beauty of a city to visit, with the secret spots in Rome are actually a testament to that.

It’s not very often when the hype around a city is actually matched with the reality of exploring the city and Rome is one of those few cities that doesn’t just match up with the hype but far surpasses it.

8 Secret Spots You Have To Visit In Rome (5)

Like don’t get me wrong – Rome can get very hot (we’re talking about summer here particularly) and very busy but it makes sense that somewhere as amazing as Rome is an easy travel favourite amongst travellers. Essentially, it’s busy because it’s so amazing.

As for the summer heat, coming from the UK where the weather can be temperamental, I have no problems whatsoever with some Roman sunshine! ?

All the more excuse to constantly stop for Aperols and g...


The Perfect 10 Day Italy Itinerary: Detailed Day by Day Guide + Map & Tips!

Italy is one of our favourite European countries to travel in. We’ve visited, and written about, many of the towns and cities across the country.

One thing we are often asked for is a suggested Italy itinerary. And whilst we’ve written extensive itineraries for a few of the individual cities in Italy, we haven’t as yet put together a detailed itinerary for Italy.

So, starting with this post, we’re going to change that! This 10 day Italy itinerary covers some of our favourite cities and sights, and would make for the perfect trip, especially if this is a first time visit to Italy.

This itinerary has a focus on the cities we think first time visitors will enjoy, plus it makes the travel part of the trip that much easier...