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The Best Time to Go on Safari in Africa by Month

Best Time to Go on Safari in Africa

Since moving to South Africa, going on safari has become one of my favorite things to do. From South Africa to Kenya and beyond, the continent has such raw, natural beauty. And Africa has way more diversity than you might think!

Far from a one size fits all experience, you can choose the best safari experience in Africa for you and your travel style.

I’ve been lucky enough to explore the African bush a few times and experience some of the best safari destinations in Africa. I absolutely adore interacting nature this way and seeing animals in their natural habitats.

Of course, if you’re a shutterbug like yours truly, an African safari is a must. You’ll be traveling through some of the most beautiful landscapes on earth. African safari photography will take your snaps to the next lev...


The top 5 honeymoon experiences in Africa

Nothing is more special than falling asleep to the wild hum of the African bush; couple this with a honeymoon and you have yourself the most romantic adventure this world has to offer. Any experience in the African wilderness is sure to be wildly romantic, but I have compiled the very best honeymoon experiences across the continent which will kick off married life in style.

Sleeping under the stars in The Selous, Tanzania

Safari camps come in many shapes and sizes, from solid brick structures, to the classic tented yet very spacious under canvas experience...


What makes the Great Wildebeest Migration so great

You can hear the galloping hooves before you see them, the sheer number creating a noise that resounds over the savannah plains of Kenya’s Maasai Mara and reaches you in the game drive vehicle. Rightly called the ‘greatest wildlife show on earth’, witnessing part of the annual journey of 2.5 million wildebeest, zebra and gazelle as they follow the rains is a once-in-a-lifetime safari experience.

It is natural instinct that leads these plains animals to find greener pastures and fresh water sources, taking a circular route that moves in a clockwise direction from the Serengeti Plains in Tanzania to the Maasai Mara Reserve in Kenya...


Everything you need to know about the Serengeti Great Wildebeest Migration

The Great Migration is an ongoing event in Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park where a huge herd of 2 million big grazers (wildebeest, zebra and various antelope) make their way around the park following the rainfall in a roughly circular route in search for fresh pastures. It is often heralded as the most spectacular natural event on the planet today.

I will go in depth in the pages below, but as a brief overview, the wildebeest begin their journey from December?—?March in the south of the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Conservation Area (Ndutu) for calving season...


The Best Budget Destinations in Africa

Best Budget Destinations in Africa

When traveling to a new destination, figuring out much to budget for activities, food, and transportation can be a little tricky. When I first started exploring Africa, I wasn’t sure how much to budget for different activities, transportation, accommodation and other costs of travel.

Fast forward a few years, and I’ve explored over ten countries on the African continent! While there’s still plenty I haven’t seen, I’m happy to report that it’s possible to discover this incredible continent on a budget.

Depending on where you live, your flight may be a bit more than other destinations, but you’ll be spending less once you arrive if you plan ahead.

Ready to start your African adventure? Here’s are some of the best budget destinations in Africa!

Volcanoes National Park


10 Day Itinerary for Kenya

10 day itinerary for kenya

Kenya is one of the top destinations in Africa. It’s home to unforgettable safaris, unspoiled beaches, diverse landscapes, and one-of-a-kind hotels. With so much to see and do in the country, planning an itinerary can feel overwhelming. For my first trip to Kenya, I decided to focus on some of my big bucket list items.

I wanted to go to the famous Giraffe Manor, visit a Masaai tribe and experience Kenya’s world-famous savannah—the Masaai Mara!

Ready to see what Kenya has to offer? Here’s my 10-day itinerary for Kenya!

Kenya Itinerary Overview

  • Day 1: Giraffe Manor

  • Day 2-3: Nairobi

  • Day 4-6: Mahili Mzuri

  • Day 7-9: Cottar’s Camp

  • Day 10: Nairobi

Giraffe Manor

Day 1: Giraffe Manor

Fly into Nairobi and drive to Giraffe Manor

Nairobi is the capital city of Kenya and ...


Unforgettable wildlife encounters

A day trip to the zoo was the highlight of many of our childhoods. Do you remember first seeing an elephant or a penguin, perhaps at London Zoo in Regents Park? As happy as these memories are, however, they have absolutely nothing on the feeling you get when you first see wild animals on the prowl, bathing, playing, or hunting in their natural habitat. Many people are brought to tears first seeing a wildebeest calf sucking its mother, or a line of elephant crossing a river trunk to tail.

Out in the wilderness, with no bars of glass between you and the animals you are watching, there’s a certain rawness to the feeling...


Travel Responsibly In Kenya

Whilst it can be tempting to book a cheap and cheerful holiday abroad, it is important to consider the impact these holidays can have on the local economy, not to mention the environment. You may want to revise your plans and book a holiday that will not only help an area’s economy but will give you an authentic experience that you will treasure for a lifetime.

If you’re looking for a trip away that will help and not hinder the environment look no further than a holiday to Kenya in Africa. Kenya is situated in East Africa and is a favorite hotspot for people looking to soak in some of the spectacular nature and cultures the country has to offer. Here you will find plenty of amazing things to see and do so you will truly experience the best of what Africa has to offer.