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Northeastern Brazil: a cultural stew of culinary delights!

Rich in geographical and cultural diversity, Brazil is a delightful destination for those who love to eat and experience knowledge and flavors on a culinary journey through different regions of the country to stimulate the senses of sight, smell and, above all, taste.

In fact, over more than 500 years of history, Brazilian cuisine results from a great mix of traditions, ingredients, and foods introduced not only by the indigenous peoples, but also by different migratory flows, especially Europeans and Africans, over all these centuries. We start our culinary journey in the Northeast of this continental country.

The third largest region in Brazil, the Northeast covers approximately 1,554,000 sq km (600,000 sq. mi) and includes nine states...


The most luxurious way to discover Mallorca is on a gastronomy cycling tour

The Spanish Island of Mallorca offers the most beautiful and varied sights. Known for its dreamy beaches and incredible scenic mountain passes and charming villages. Stay at one of the nicest beach towns and you will have a good time. Add in the lesser known routes and visit the incredible mountain passes and winding roads and little known towns which are best done on a bike and now you have set yourself up for the trip of a lifetime. Sprinkle on the best restaurants and charming villages and you have now set yourself up for the trip of a lifetime.

Professional cyclists have secretly trained on the island for years for all these reasons. You don’t need to be a professional cyclist to know where to find the best rides. Here is our perfect trip for the best Mallorca has to offer...


9 places to go forest bathing in Malawi

Forest Bathing is a hot travel trend for 2020, having been featured by Lonely Planet and Wanderlust, and even appeared on a two BBC TV programmes recently. It’s also one that ticks plenty of boxes. It’s sustainable, it taps into the demand for slow travel, and, as part of wellness travel, it’s genuinely good for you! Based on the Japanese nature therapy, shinrin-yoku, forest bathing is all about immersing yourself in nature and its healing powers. Malawi still has an abundance of unspoilt natural areas and forests and so makes an ideal destination for forest bathing. Despite this being a relatively new activity, we’ve already identified no less than 9 places in Malawi that are perfect for forest bathing.

The aim is to use as many senses as possible to immerse yourself in your surro...


23 things to do in Myanmar

Myanmar is a cultural gold mine: the plains Bagan which are strewn with thousands of temple ruins; Mandalay and Yangon are heaving with colonial buildings and glittering stupas; Inle Lake is a place of heart-stopping beauty; the golden sands of Ngapali provide a quirky Myanmar beach holiday; the remote islands of the Mergui Archipelago are little-known gems to escape to. Rudyard Kipling wrote that Myanmar is ‘quite unlike any land you know about’, and this still very much applies today and luxury tailor-made holidays to Myanmar can be hugely rewarding. Read on to discover our top 23 Things to Do in Myanmar:

Shwedagon Pagoda

Myanmar’s most sacred Buddhist site is the famed Shwedagon Pagoda, a glittering 2,000-year-old pagoda, in the heart of Yangon...


Margaret Thatcher’s ski chalet is perfect for a luxury family ski holiday

Chalet Le Namaste in Courchevel 1850 was the former summer residence of Margret Thatcher but now it is available for luxury exclusive weekly rental as a fully catered ski chalet.

Chalet Le Namaste certainly has real Kerb “piste” appeal! It’s ski in ski out access directly to the Bellecotte piste, an easy green run is the favoured location for the well-heeled visitors in Courchevel 1850. It’s this location that makes Chalet Le Namaste so perfect for a family vacation, the Bellecotte piste is known for being one of the gentlest ski runs in the area and a perfect place to learn to ski.

The Chalet underwent a multimilli...


Top 5 places to see the Northern Lights in Iceland

February and March (near the solstice) are statistically better for spotting the Northern Lights than the darkest months of the year. So there is still time to plan that long weekend this year with the Aurora Borealis in mind. The first week of April is the last week I would give anyone a good chance of spotting them. After the 15th of April the daylight hours begin to overtake the night and experiencing full darkness to see the Northern Lights is too difficult. Late August will be your next opportunity.

So I want my final post regarding Northern Lights this winter to be a (green) lighthearted post detailing my top 5 spots for seeing the Northern Lights without having to drive around in the dark aimlessly for hours.

What makes a good Northern Lights spot?

Firstly, a very brief explanation ...


Reasons why you should visit Venice if you haven’t yet

Venice is one of the most beautiful and impressive cities in the world. As much as you have been told about it, nothing will ever be fair to your personal experience. That is why I have decided to put together this article with the reasons why you should visit this emblematic city in the north of Italy.

The canals of Venice, so famous throughout the world, are its main attraction. There are other cities on the planet that also enjoy these unique spaces, but none is as beautiful as this. It is impossible to reach it and not fall in love with the gondolas, the bridges, the boats that sail through them … Certainly the best way to go around and experience Venice is by private boat that will take you through the Grand Canal, reasonably defined as “the most beautiful avenue in the world”...


Top 10 activities in the Galapagos you can do by yourself after your cruise

The Galapagos Islands are one of the most beautiful and most sought-after places in the world, and one of the best ways to visit the Galapagos and get the most of your visit is a Galapagos cruise with a great itinerary.

As cruises have certain limitations like set departures and a limited number of passengers that can go on board, sometimes finding one is not an easy task.

So if you are either having trouble to find a cruise for you or looking forward to spending some extra days at leisure here are some recommendations:

Las Ninfas Lagoon, Santa Cruz Island

If you are looking for somewhere quiet and new during your stay in the Galapagos, then you can’t miss Las Ninfas Lagoon. This mangrove complex is a beautiful place where you can spot birds, fish and sea lions...


5 reasons to join the Carnival revelry in Brazil

One of the most anticipated parties on Brazil’s calendar, Carnival has, over the centuries, become an integral part of national culture. However, it is neither a Brazilian invention nor is it celebrated in Brazil only. In fact, Carnival dates back to Ancient Mesopotamia, Greece, and Rome. In Brazil, the revelry began in the colonial period with Entrudo, a festival introduced by the Portuguese and celebrated by slaves in the colony. Then came the cordões (street blocks), dancehall parties, corsos (parades), and samba schools, which, especially in Rio de Janeiro, have taken on the look of a major production and have enchanted the whole world for decades. But there’s more to Carnival than just samba: it includes other traditional cultural and regional manifestations such as afoxés, frev...


Sicily: a yachting haven

Bursting with sensory delights, a yacht charter itinerary encompassing Sicily and its neighbouring islands is an absolute treat. Trace the curves of this spectacular coastline to soak up stunning views across emerald waters or head ashore, where a warm Italian welcome awaits. Take time to inhale the lingering fragrance of lemon groves, tantalise your taste buds sampling exquisite local cuisine and relish the beautifully mild climate.


Sicily’s capital and the largest city on the island, Palermo is fringed with golden sands and nature reserves, situated in a sprawling bay underneath the limestone magnificence of Monte Pellegrino...