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The Best Time to Go on Safari in Africa by Month

Best Time to Go on Safari in Africa

Since moving to South Africa, going on safari has become one of my favorite things to do. From South Africa to Kenya and beyond, the continent has such raw, natural beauty. And Africa has way more diversity than you might think!

Far from a one size fits all experience, you can choose the best safari experience in Africa for you and your travel style.

I’ve been lucky enough to explore the African bush a few times and experience some of the best safari destinations in Africa. I absolutely adore interacting nature this way and seeing animals in their natural habitats.

Of course, if you’re a shutterbug like yours truly, an African safari is a must. You’ll be traveling through some of the most beautiful landscapes on earth. African safari photography will take your snaps to the next lev...


How Much to Budget for an African Safari

how much to budget for an african safari

An African safari is an experience that tops the bucket lists of many—myself included. I’d always dreamed of exploring the African bush and, since moving to Cape Town, I have fallen head over heels in love with going on safari.

I’ve talked to you about how to choose the best safari for you (not all safaris are created equal!) and one of the most frequent questions I get is:

How much do I really have to spend on an African safari?

The truth is that going on a safari is not cheap. Yes, there are more “budget-friendly” safaris but you really need to do your homework. When it comes to African safaris you absolutely get what you pay for.

Take into account all the different things that are covered in safari costs: game drives, your ranger, accommodations, meals, and conservation fees...


South Africa Safari Holiday

A Safari in South Africa is an eclectic trip that can include heading out on safari from a very comfortable safari lodge or camp perhaps in the Kruger, Madikwe or Kwandwe safari locations, after spotting the big five and enjoying evenings around the camp fire exchanging stories you might like to head to Cape Town for a few nights of cosmopolitan dinning, a trip up Table Mountain, a boat trip out to Robben Island where Nelson Mandela was held captive, or enjoy a trip along the coast to the many beautiful bays that hold fabulous beaches for picnics and walks. Nearby are botanical gardens, animal sanctuaries, the winelands, and many nature trails to explore and also Cape Point and the Boulders beach penguin colonies.

After enjoying Cape Town and the surrounds there is also the...


Wildlife Safari in Central India — An Experience worth your Diary Entry

Just imagine yourself attired in Khaki clothing, wearing pith helmets and belted bush jackets, sitting in an open Gypsy cruising through a rugged lane formed in a dense forest? A forest where you have the opportunity to click a tiger in camouflage waiting to pounce on its unwary target. Or a beautiful lake surrounded by lavish green forests where animals of all kinds, from elephants and rhino, to small birds and swift deer’s, come to quench their thirst. A mere imagination of such a situation has the potential to fill your nerves with immense thrill and adventure. And all this can be turned into a tangible reality with a wildlife safari in Central


One of the widely cherished wildlife spots in Central India that registers substantial footfall every year is Ban...


Top Travel Tips For Tanzania Safari

This is very good for you if you want to visit Tanzania safari and a tour that should not leave this wonderful opportunity of your life. Here you can learn the best tips on safari Tanzania journey which is very useful for you. Tanzania safari is one of the most interesting places to visit in Africa.

For one, if youre going there to photograph the best views of the wildlife, you should know that the best lighting is during the morning and the afternoon. Make sure you schedule your tanzania safari tours during these times so you wont lose out on all the great sights. You should also get a tanzania safari guide who has positioning expertise so you can drive up as close to the animals as possible without risking your safety.

They gives you time to take pictures during the tra...


Travel Guides To African Safari

Located at the bottom of Africa, Republic of South Africa is a large country with beautiful tropical coastlines and deserts. It has five great safaris, spectacular infrastructure and unique tradition. Those are the reasons why South Africa attracts millions of tourists each year.


A SA vacation provides for each and every, genuinely African Safari in Kruger nationalistic park, unbelievable South beach vacations together with the seashore and connoisseur of good food fare in the sophisticated and attractive Cape Town, let alone the distinguished lay out of Africa family line vacations in this family-affable place.


Mounts and Beaches


Tramp through spectacular Drakensberg mounts or try out the taste of various kinds of wines at the dignified, complex wine lands of th...


Safari Holidays in Africa Offers a Lifetime Experience

Travel Africa
by feztoo

Planning a holiday with the family can be a daunting task as there are so many attractive holiday destinations around the world. If looking for an adventurous holidays, then safari holidays in Africa is one of the best options that one can opt for. It offers the much needed break from the hectic city life and an opportunity to enjoy, relax and rejuvenate.


African safari holidays offer the travelers an unforgettable experience and perfect way to enjoy the lush green beauty along with its extensive wildlife. Africa is a mystic land of rich cultures, scenic splendor, and unparallel wildlife. Home to rich flora and fauna, this holiday destination is the paradise for travelers, especially nature enthusiasts, wildlife photographers and adventurers...


South Africa Travel Agent for Planning your South African Safari

National parks of South Africa provide splendid opportunity to view the wildlife at closer proximity. South African safari is the best way to see the African lion and other beasts of the jungle as they roam free in the wild. Contact a South Africa travel agent or tour company to book your African holiday this season.

Travel and Accommodation in South Africa

There are many options to stay during your South Africa holidays. You can choose from luxurious hotels to smaller hotels and hostels depending on your budget. You can also rent vacation apartments and villas.

If you are new to the place, consider hiring a South Africa travel agent...


Travel to South Africa to Experience the Ultimate African Wildlife Safari Adventure

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by vance?

If you are interested in wildlife and nature, you must travel to South Africa for African wildlife safari. The wildlife safari in South Africa will fill you with awe and mystery. Here you can see dense groups of animals, exotic natural landscape, dunes and mountains at a close distance. South Africa is a perfect holiday destination for a romantic or adventure getaway with ample scope of photography for nature lovers.

Plan your Travel to South Africa

It is advisable to check with local South Africa tour operators for best deals and discounts while you travel to South Africa. Plenty of domestic flights are available to South Africa. Once you reach the destination, you can visit local attractions on bus or rent a car.

For the African wildlife safari, you can find budget friendly ac...


How to Plan for Africa travel and Best Time for African Safari

Africa is an exotic travel destination. The task of an Africa travel can be little daunting and exhausting without proper planning and organization. A few tips about the best time to visit Africa and take an African Safari can help you enjoy the African trip to the fullest.

Best Time for Africa Travel and African Safari

If you wish to visit Africa for the safari, then plan a visit in the best season to see the wild animals in big numbers. You can opt for east and southern African national parks for the safari. Southern Africa safari is more popular because of better facilities and infrastructure. Ideally, best season for the eastern African safari is during August and September.

For a safari in Southern Africa, you can visit the Kruger National preserve or park...