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Explore Africa Through African Travel Safari

There are many wonderful destinations in the world where a tourist can spend his holidays with family and friends. Countries in East Africa are among the most visited places and are renowned for their safaris. The name Safari was born in East Africa and is the home to some of the most iconic attractions. Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania are the favorite places of the visitors. Uganda and Rwanda have some of the last remaining mountain gorillas and chimpanzees of the world. An African travel safari offers an exciting experience to explore the land of Africa.

Kenya safaris are very famous in East Africa. It includes visits to the best-known national parks such as Masai Mara, Amboseli, Lake Nakuru and many more...


Kruger National Park: Enjoy the Best South Africa Wildlife Safari

South Africa’s oldest and most popular national park, Kruger National park, provides arguably the best African wildlife safari experience. As an attestation to this fact, about one million visitors tour this park every year. The national park started as Sabi Game Reserve way back in 1898, to check the destruction of wildlife due to over-hunting. The park was later named after Paul Kruger who was the president of the Transvaal Republic at that time.

Kruger stretches from the Crocodile River in the south, to the Limpopo River in the north and runs for 350 km along the Mozambique-South Africa border. The park is fed by six rivers and has a wide variety of ecosystems; it carries 16 vegetation zones. Kruger is generally flat with an average height of 269 metres above sea level.



Preplanning: The Key To Successful Safari Travel

The mere mention of travel to a foreign country is enough to trigger a bit of panic in even the most seasoned traveler. Throw in the possibility of traveling for something as exotic as a South African Safari, and you could probably induce a mild case of hysteria. Realistically though, planning to travel to Africa for a safari is no more complicated than planning your shore excursion itinerary for your average cruise. The key is to plan ahead.

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