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5 reasons why travelling Thailand in the low season is amazing!

If you hear the phrase “wet season” and shiver, you’re not alone. Many people who’ve not experienced the country run (or fly) in the opposite direction at the thought of massive rainstorms eating away at their beach time.

But wet season also translates to ‘low season’, and savvy travelers know there are some major benefits to traveling anywhere off peak. As long as you’re aware, and take a few basic precautions, the pros of traveling during the low time of year can greatly outweigh the cons.

  1. It’s way less crowded

There’s a reason millions of people flock to Thailand every year; it’s awesome. The downside is you can be wrestling and jostling with literally thousands of people at some of the ‘must do’ attractions...


How to Travel for Cheap in Europe

Many people love to travel to Europe, but from the exchange rate to the cost of airfare making things affordable while away can be a bit daunting. Fear not! After returning from her study abroad in Greece, Calli Jansen, our Michigan State University Student Ambassador, has compiled a list of a some quick tips on saving money and making the most of your European adventure.

1. Travel off season

Yes you’ve just finished finals and you have the whole summer off from school, so you might be thinking now is the perfect time to go to Europe. Let me remind you that everyone else has this idea too. Therefore it’ll be not only crowded, but expensive too! I know it’s not always possible, but flights and hotels give AMAZING discounts on off of peak times...


The Ultimate Guide to Thailand

Time and time again you’ve seen friends return from their travels wearing baggy elephant pants you wouldn’t dream of wearing in the US, with arms full of rope bracelets and a great tan, musing about their fabulous trip to Thailand. They tell you how much they’ve learned about themselves, the culture and most importantly, how inexpensive it is. It’s all strangely endearing isn’t it? So, if you’re thinking about traveling to Thailand and experiencing this amazing country for yourself, you might want to arm yourself with our cheat sheet – highlighting everything you need to know about this Southeast Asian paradise.

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The best time to travel to Thailand

March – June is the hot season (highs of 32...


20 travel tips for visiting India

I’m Tristan, world traveler, NYU post-grad student, and chaser of exciting cultural experiences. My two trips to India covered 2 months, cumulatively, and although it sounds like a lot of time, for a boundless country like India, it’s barely scratching the surface.

This list of travel tips will help you get the most of your trip to India – however long you’re out there for.

Get a Charles Schwab card

This is important for all travelers, regardless of where you’re going. Don’t waste your money on exchange rates and commission. Open an account at Schwab and never pay a foreign transaction or ATM fee again.

Take out cash for a few days at a time

ATMs are everywhere in larger cities, however, there can be technical difficulties or long lines...


7 food tips when in Greece

When studying abroad in Greece what should you look forward to most… is it the beaches? Is it the language? Is it the ruins? While we’re a fan of all of those, let’s be honest with ourselves. We travel to Greece for… THE FOOD.

Anyone headed to Greece knows that delicious eating is definitely expected, and maybe you’ve even heard of souvlaki, gyros, or kebab (all musts after a day exploring the city). But before you get on filling your stomach with all sorts of Greek goodies, our Student Ambassador straight outta Michigan State University, Calli Jansen, needs to talk you through some basic tips to get the most out of this amazing, new Greek foodie culture.

1. Try the seafood

Sure, it’s a bit weird to have your food staring at you from your plate, but if you can get past this yo...


5 Tips for Traveling on a Budget

As a backpacker, I’m a great advocate of cheap travel.

I’ve gone to Europe and back without touching my primary savings account, but I didn’t deprive myself either. I ate mussels and waffles in Brussels, flew from Prague to Athens to save time, and even splurged (based on my standards) by going to Santorini.

Yes, you can really travel cheaply in Europe, but even if you don’t have concrete plans (yet) of going there, you can save up and prepare for your first Eurotrip in advance.

5 Tips for Traveling on a Budget

I used to travel like this!

I’ve been to Israel, the United States, and Japan, three of the most expensive countries I’ve ever visited so far...


Ireland Vacation Backpacking Travel Tips

Ireland is one of the most fondly visited European destinations owing to the beauty and charisma that the country offers. Every year, it plays host to millions of tourists who come here from the several global destinations to relish on the traditional warmth and hospitality of the Irish people. One of the best ways to explore through the countryside and get a better insight into the culture and heritage of the place is to embark on backpacking travel...


Umhlanga in Durban, South Africa – Hints and Tips on what to do in Umhlanga

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Umhlanga in Durban, South Africa – Hints and Tips on what to do in Umhlanga.

Umhlanga is a residential, commercial and resort town north of Durban. It is a buzzing town with a wonderful atmosphere full of holiday apartments and hotels.

There are many things to do when visiting Umhlanga whether you are traveling alone or with your family or partner. Don’t miss the beautiful and safe beaches where you can go surfing or body boarding as well as snorkelling and exploring the rock pools.

A walk along the promenade is always such fun for the young through to the elderly. Let your children play and wander along the beach while you watch them and stroll along the promeande. There are always other people walking or running for both fun and fitness...


Travel Tips For Classical Acoustic Guitar

When you love your music so much, you do not want any harm to occur to either the instruments you are carrying with you or even the music you are carrying in the form of electronic media like CDs while travelling outside your city. Many musicians have had to bear the brunt of careless handling by the baggage personnel and have had their guitars broken on arrival. This article looks at some tips on how to ensure that your classical acoustic guitar arrives in good shape at the destination.

a) The carry case – You must use a case with a hard shell which can withstand the rigors of travel and is used typically by companies when they ship such items for delivery to another location...


Durban Beaches – Hints and Tips on the best beaches north of Durban, South Africa

Durban Beaches – Hints and Tips on the best beaches north of Durban, South Africa.
So you are visiting Durban and want to know which are the best beaches to visit? Have a go at the southern beaches especially if you are interested in surfing but for more family orientated beaches  travel further north and you will come across the very family orientated Umhlanga Rocks Village.

The beaches of Umhlanga allow you to explore the beautiful rock pools with your family. Umhlanga’s beaches offer you a huge variety from surfing to exploring the rock pools. Visit the main beach or walk further along to Bronze Beach to surf and body board in shark protected and life guarded beaches...