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Midnight In Bangkok, Thailand

A few hours before midnight, we got picked up from our hotel in Bangkok for a chance to experience the city in a way we wouldn’t have otherwise.

Our day had started with one of the most popular spots in the city (the Grand Palace, Khlongs and Wat Arun – see it all here) but one of the best ways to truly enjoy a city is to go where the locals go which is perhaps why I enjoyed this evening bit so much.

See, this evening, we would be off on a food tour and to be perfectly honest, I’m typically a bit wary of food tours.

I’ve been on some really amazing ones but food tours can also be a bit “Meh!”...


The Grand Palace And Khlongs Of Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok was one city I’d wanted to visit for a long time.

Ever since we went to Phuket and Phi Phi Island, Thailand very swiftly rose in the rankings of some of my favourite places to holiday in and thanks to that, the capital city has beckoned for quite some time now.

Visiting Bangkok, we arrived in the evening and it was dark by the time we got to the hotel (the LiT BANGKOK Hotel) so between the jetlag and the travel exhaustion, the only plans we have for the evening was dinner and bed. (I mean, I wouldn’t say no to a nice cocktail or a glass of wine though… ? ).

The Grand Palace And Khlongs Of Bangkok, Thailand (2)

I maaaaay have ordered more than one mail meal! (In my defence, the portions were small so doubling up made sense…).

The Grand Palace And Khlongs Of Bangkok, Thailand (7)

The Grand Palace And Khlongs Of Bangkok, Thailand (5)

The next morning, after a marathon sleep sesh, we got up bright and early eager to exp...


Visiting The Parliament Of Canada, Ottawa

Leaving those adorable beavers behind, our next stop in Quebec was hard to pronounce (at least, in my experience ?) Outaouais.

More specifically, in Outaouais we stayed in Gatineau, a city right next to Canada’s capital city of Ottawa (like literally across the river – you can see the Parliament of Canada from here!)

*Took me a while to get there but just in case you find it handy when you visit, Outaouais is kinda pronounced; Ooot-away.

Anyhooo, we arrived in Gatineau in the evening and just decided to kick back for the rest of the day. Our biggest plans for the evening were to grab dinner which, seeing as we had no driving left to do that day, meant that somewhere with decent cocktail beckoned.

For dinner, we headed over to Les Vilains Garc?ons for some absolutely delicious food an...


8 Secret Spots You Have To Visit In Rome

 Rome is an absolute beauty of a city to visit, with the secret spots in Rome are actually a testament to that.

It’s not very often when the hype around a city is actually matched with the reality of exploring the city and Rome is one of those few cities that doesn’t just match up with the hype but far surpasses it.

8 Secret Spots You Have To Visit In Rome (5)

Like don’t get me wrong – Rome can get very hot (we’re talking about summer here particularly) and very busy but it makes sense that somewhere as amazing as Rome is an easy travel favourite amongst travellers. Essentially, it’s busy because it’s so amazing.

As for the summer heat, coming from the UK where the weather can be temperamental, I have no problems whatsoever with some Roman sunshine! ?

All the more excuse to constantly stop for Aperols and g...


Getting Lost In Nature (And With Beavers) In Quebec, Canada

Our next stop in Quebec involved us ‘getting lost’ in nature and the timing couldn’t have been more perfect for it.

Given as it was in autumn, the weather has been a bit cool for the past few days but for some reason, on this one day, it just got ridiculously warm.

Like, warm enough that the ladybugs were out flying everywhere – which is apparently a thing that happens when they’d been getting ready for the cold but suddenly get a warm and sunny day. It seems like a mundane thing to mention but they were everywhere! Like millions of them!

Getting Lost In Nature (And With Beavers) In Quebec, Canada (7)

But I digress… Anyway, on this day, we left Auberge and its pretty lake and headed over to the forests of Montcalm Regional Park where would be staying with Amishk Aventures Ame?riendiennes, a First Nations site where you get an interesting...


A Morning In German City of Aachen

Leaving Burg Eltz, our final stop on this road trip before heading back to London was Aachen – a city near the border of the Netherlands and Belgium, making for the perfect stop before hopping aboard our DFDS ferry back to London (well actually, to Dover and then driving to London).

We checked into the Innside in Aachen as soon as we got there and it was probably at that point I realised we’d been on the road for about 14 hours that day!

A Morning In German City of Aachen (1)

Much as I wanted to go explore Aachen, we decided it made sense to just call it a day and have dinner at the rooftop restaurant at our hotel (which ended up actually quite nice!).

To be fair though, I didn’t have grand plans to properly explore Aachen, there just wasn’t enough time to do it properly but that didn’t mean we couldn’t have a good go at...


14 Best Places In Slovakia To Visit

Situated south of Poland, Slovakia is a relatively small European country that packs a punch when it comes to beautiful places to see. It’s the perfect example of a small country that has a lot of incredible things to do and a heap of the best places in Slovakia that are dotted all across the country. 

You see, Slovakia sits right in the heart of Eastern Europe, which makes it a totally easy place to visit if you’re already in cities like; Budapest or Vienna. Plus, it’s definitely true if you’re wanting to make a dash for a weekend trip to Bratislava (the capital), too; especially as it’s only a train ride away.

That being said, Slovakia is so much more than its quaint capital city.

There are hundreds of the best places in Slovakia to visit, which in all honesty makes it hard t...


The Incredible Moselle Loop And Beautiful Town Of Bernkastel Kues In Germany

The next part of our road trip was gonna be all about the Moselle Valley of Germany and given how beautiful the Rhine Valley was, this was one part of the trip I was really looking forward to.

Leaving Assmannshausen, we made our way over to The Moselle Loop Viewpoint.

Almost forgot – to set some context, the Moselle Loop is a hairpin turn in the Moselle river and is actually quite a picturesque part of this valley

The Incredible Moselle Loop And Beautiful Town Of Bernkastel Kues In Germany (1)

There’s a car park near the viewpoint where you can drop your car off at and just enjoy the short but scenic stroll over to the viewpoint.

The Incredible Moselle Loop And Beautiful Town Of Bernkastel Kues In Germany (3)

But here’s the thing with the viewpoint – because you’re right on the edge of a high, steep hill. You can actually see the Moselle Loop but it’s such a restricted view which you can’t really see properly into the valley.

The Incredible Moselle Loop And Beautiful Town Of Bernkastel Kues In Germany (2)



11 Best Places In Latvia To Visit

Perched on the Baltic Sea, Lativa is probably best known for its gorgeous capital, Riga. That being said, there are a shed load of incredible and best places in Latvia that are beyond the capital, too.

Surrounded by; Russia, Lithuania, Estonia and Belarus, Lativa has a pretty incredible mix of influences and spots that are great to see during a longer trip around the country. 

For instance, it has some wonderful towns and villages and a pretty stunning coastline (that you might not think about when you first think of Lativa). After all, it’s right on the Baltic Sea which is great to explore in the summer months.

Best Places In Latvia (1)

With that in mind, and after spending some time in the country, I wanted to share some of the best places in Latvia that you should think of visiting on your next ...


The Beautiful German Town Of Bacharach

After two nights exploring Nurburgring and all the many adrenaline-fuelled fun to be had here, it was finally time to leave and head off on the next leg of our road trip – the bit filled with castles, vineyards and the cutest villages and towns.

Our first stop (well, more of a pit-stop really) was the Loreley Plateau, a viewpoint on our way where you essential get multiple views of the Rhine valley around you, but even before we got there, we were greeted by many a beautiful castle as we made our way through.

The Beautiful German Town Of Bacharach (4)

The Beautiful German Town Of Bacharach (3)

The Loreley Plateau has multiple ‘official views’ you’re meant to check out here but I just say head straight through to the end of it to see all of the valley below from the vantage viewpoint (there are about 3 main ones here where you get a sense of how long and wi...